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8,63 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 9-Inch Premium Paint Tray #12200 by Shur-Line

9 plastic deep well tray;Fits all ladders;Two brush rests

14,51 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 6620 9-Inch Premium Sure-Grip Roller Frame by Shur-Line

Shur-Line, 9" Premium Shur Grip Ergo Frame, For All Large Painting Jobs, Ergonomic Handle Reduces Fatigue, While The Hold Tight Cage Prevents Roller Walk Off, Comfortable & Lightweight For Smooth Rolling, Cage Designed To Keep The Cover From Walk Off, Thr

10,75 EUR*
Details SHUR-LINE-IMPORT 7004250385 7-Inch 4 Wire Roller Frame by Shur-Line

7", 4-Wire Standard Roller Frame, Zinc Plated Wire With Black Polypropylene Handle.

5,51 EUR*
Details SHUR-LINE 33024 Green paint Roller Tray, 7 by Shur-Line

The product is 7GreenPaint Roller Tray;Elegant and smooth finish;The product is manufactured in United States

14,08 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 745C 9-Inch Paint Pad by Shur-Line

This item is Shur-Line Paint Pad And Handle 9 ;Used for Painting Supplies Brushes & Rollers;This product is Manufactured in China;Thicker pad will help form to more textured exterior surfaces;Beveled edges permit accurate and consistent cut-in and ...

4,21 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 1500C Handi Painter by Shur-Line

An economical tool to give you a smooth finish;Provides a smooth finish for sealing;Angled for getting into corners;One time use paint pad;For all paints

5,81 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 7170C Foam Corner Roller by Shur-Line

Creates a smooth finish without brush marks or lint;For all Paints;Not for lacquer or shellac;Fast one-step coverage of inside corners;No lint or brush marks

6,88 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 4940C 4-Inch Foam Mini Roller Refills, 2-Pack by Shur-Line

Covered end paints wall and corner at the same time;Get an ultra smooth finish;For all paints and stains

2,28 EUR*
Details SHUR-LINE 10580 3-Inch SQ-Notch Spreader by Shur-Line

3 Square-Notch Adhesive Spreader;Constructed with flexible polystyrene;Perfect for projects involving hard to clean adhesives;Ideal size spreader for small jobs;Save both time and energy by using one time

13,92 EUR*
Details Shur Line 03942 Nonstick Coated Trim Roller Kit by Shur-Line

Shurline Premium Select, 4", Teflon Trim Roller Set, Includes Two 4" White/Knit Roller Covers With Teflon, 4" Roller Frame & Plastic Tray, Teflon Coating Releases Paint 30% Faster, Easier Clean Up, Use Shurline #3742 Roller Refills.

26,00 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 8105RFN Roller Tray Set by Shur-Line

9 Piece, Premium Teflon, Weekend Tray Set Kit, Includes 9" 5-Wire Roller Frame True Value #208-058, Two 3/8" Teflon Roller Covers True Value #814-956, 1.5" Teflon Angle Sash Brush True Value #815-003, 1.5 Liter, 9" Deep Well Plastic Red Tray True Value #1

10,55 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 2001040 Touch Up Painter by Shur-Line

Touch Up Painter, 3 OZ Tube With 1" Wide Paint, Roller, When Done With Your Painting Project, Simply Fill & Store The Tube For Future Use, Covers Marks & Scuffs For Quick Touch Ups, Stores Paint Inside, Fabric Roller Provides Consistent Finish Without Lea

6,00 EUR*
Details SHUR-LINE-IMPORT 703346 MP Premium 6-Inch Pad Refill by Shur-Line

Master Painter Premium 6 Pad Painter Refill;Flocked Pad Fits Master Painter Premium 6 Pad Painter True Value #703-332;Made with the highest quality;Can be used with all paints;Provides a smooth finish

10,67 EUR*
Details SHUR-LINE-IMPORT DI5208802770 MP 1.5-Inch Varnish Brush by Shur-Line

Master Painter;100% polyester, 50% white filaments made from 100% solid round pbt, 50% red solid round filaments 70% pet & 30% pbt;Manufactured in China;Master Painter 1.5 Varnish Professional Brush;Designed with a durable, wood handle;Contains 100 ...

3,98 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 7130 3-Inch Foam Trim Roller by Shur-Line

3-Inch Foam Trim Roller;Used for Painting Supplies Brushes & Rollers;This product is Manufactured in China;30-Percent faster project speed and easy clean up;No lint or brush marks;For all paints;6 L x 3.5 W x 1.5 H

6,12 EUR*
Details SHUR-LINE 50087 9-Inch Plastic, Black by Shur-Line

Disposable plastic paint Tray;V-shaped design prevents paint build up;Black color;9 Black Disposable Plastic Paint Tray;Tray has a 1-liter capacity;V-shaped leg design for support and for paint to flow back to the reservoir;Resistant to most solvent ...

6,96 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 55502SN 1/2-Inch Roller Cover by Shur-Line

Professional quality roller Ideal for use with the thicker Paint + Primer paints on the market today;9 inch wide with 1/2 inch nap designed for use on textured walls, ceilings, concrete and other semi-rough surfaces;High density knit fibers hold more ...

8,88 EUR*
Details Shur-Line BL50262 Shallow Plastic Tray Liner by Shur-Line

Fits most standard 1 Liter/Quart paint trays;Protects paint tray;Keeps paint away from dried paint or rust in older trays;Designed for single use;Use when painting spindles on railing, fencing, pipes, radiators and more;Shallow, Plastic, Paint Tray ...

12,93 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 55504SN Premium Select 1-Inch Roller by Shur-Line

Releases paint 30% faster;9 inches wide;White/knit fabric;30-Percent faster project speed and easy clean up;Fibers with surface protector for up to 30-Percent faster project speed and easy clean up;Patented low melt technology-fibers melted onto the ...

13,00 EUR*
Details Shure EAC3BK 91 cm Miniklinken-Verlängerungskabel, schwarz

Shure EAC3BKEAC3BK Ohrhörer Verlängerungskabel (91 cm), schwarz.

32,05 EUR*
Details Tonnadel N 92 E von Shure

Tonnadel N 92 E / N92E / N-92-E von Shure

11,16 EUR*
Details Shure Tape Duck Tape Original 50Mmx10M Silver

Shure Tape Duck Tape Original 50Mm X 10M Silver

9,00 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 55530N 1-Inch Angle Rattail-Poly Premium Select Brush by Shur-Line

100% chemically tapered Polyester for the finest finish & faster coverage;Polyester for improved resiliency & Durability;Ordinary pet Polyester & nylon filaments lose some resiliency in humid conditions;1-Inch angle-rattail;Better coverage, easy clean ...

14,52 EUR*
Details SHURE Duck Tape Ultimate 50mm X 25m Silver

Shure Tape Duck Tape Ultimate 50Mm X 25M Silver

9,36 EUR*
Details SHURE Duck Tape Packaging Brown 50mm X 25m

Shure Tape Duck Tape Packaging Brown 50Mm X 25M

7,49 EUR*
Details Ersatzkorb Shure SM-58 SPA-M58

für Mikrofon Shure SM-58 und Beta58, Austauschkorb, Metall ,silber ++Austausch Mikrofon-Korb für SM58

7,53 EUR*
Details Shur-Line BL50090 Deep Well Tray Liner by Shur-Line

Use with 7.5 to 9 roller;Built in brush rest;Clear;For use with all paints and stains;Deep Well, Plastic Paint Tray Liner;Designed for deep well plastic tray;Liner makes for one-step clean up;Exact sizing prevents liner slipping in metal trays;Solvent ...

14,24 EUR*
Details SHUR-LINE 703373 MP Select Mini Roll Kit, 7-Piece by Shur-Line

Master Painter Select, 7 Piece, Mini Roller Kit, Contains Two Master Painter Select 4" Fabric Roller Covers, Two Master Painter Select 4" High Density Foam Roller Covers, A Gallon Mini Roller Grid, A Mini Tray & A 12" Threaded Mini Roller Frame.

6,87 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 4935C 4-Inch Fabric Mini Roller Refills, 2-Pack by Shur-Line

4-Inch Fabric Mini Roller Refills, 2-Pack;Used for Painting Supplies Brushes & Rollers;This product is Manufactured in China;For Semi-Smooth surfaces;Covered end paints wall and corner at the same time;For all paints and stains

4,74 EUR*
Details SHUR-LINE-IMPORT DI5208803872 MP Basic 2-Inch Poly Brush by Shur-Line

Master Painter Basic, 2 inch polyester paint Brush, polyester filaments, plastic handle, for use with all paints & finishes;Adds extra shine to your product;Manufactured in China;Master Painter Basic 2 Polyester Paint Brush;Brush is made with a blend ...

15,15 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 55535N 2-1/2-Inch Angle Sash-Poly Premium Select Brush by Shur-Line

2.5", Angle Sash Poly Teflon Brush, 100% Chemically Tapered Polyester For The Finest Finish & Faster Coverage, PBT Polyester For Improved Resiliency & Durability, Fewer Brush Marks, Ordinary Pet Polyester & Nylon Filaments Lose Some Resiliency In Humid Co

7,28 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 630S Interior/Exterior Pad Painter Refill, 9-Inch by Shur-Line

Feature: 9 inch size;Indoor/outdoor;Made in China;Thicker pad will help form to more textured exterior surfaces;Beveled edges permit accurate and consistent cut-in and trim;Directional flocked fiber for improved pick-up and release;Use with all paints ...

47,00 EUR*
Details Shure HPACC1 Transportbox für SRH940

Use this practical case to carry your Shure SRH940 headphones safely and easily. Properly built, fitted with zipper, black.

69,00 EUR*
Details Shure EAC64CL Ersatzkabel für SE Ohrhörer, 162 cm, transparent

Shure Austauschkabel für SE315-SE425-SE535 EAC64CL transparent, Neuware vom Fachhändler

69,00 EUR*
Details Shure EAC64BK Ersatzkabel für SE Ohrhörer, 162 cm, schwarz

Shure Austauschkabel für SE315-SE425-SE535 EAC64BK schwarz, Neuware vom Fachhändler

8,85 EUR*
Details SHUR-LINE-IMPORT 703324 MP Select 6-Inch Foam Roll Cover by Shur-Line

Master Painter Select 6 High Density Foam Roller Cover;Comes with a 12 steel wire frame and a threaded plastic handle;Use with latex or oil-based enamels, varnishes and high gloss paints;Provides a smooth finish;Covered roller end paints corners and ...

5,84 EUR*
Details Shur-Line Trim Roller Cover for Semi-Smooth Surfaces (2-Pack) by Shur-Line

One-coat coverage;Teflon coated;2 pack, 3 inches roller refills, 3/8-inches Nap;For use with any standard diameter 3 inches roller frame;Makes clean up easier;Shurline Premium Select, 2 Pack, 3 Teflon Trim Roller Refill;Designed with a white, knit ...

36,95 EUR*
Details Tonnadel für DM 103 M-E System von Shure TOPKAUFMUNICH©

Plattennadel für das Shure Tonabnehmer System DM 103 ME / DM103ME / DM-103-ME

24,11 EUR*
Details Shur-Line 55539N Premium 3 Piece Paint Brush Set, Poly/Nylon w/Fine Tapered Tips, Wood Handle, Angle 1 In./Angle 1.5 In./Flat 2 In. by Shur-Line

Engineered for professionals - Designed for DIY;Nylon/Poly blend bristles provide excellent coverage;Chemically tapered filament tips for excellent cut-in and an ultra smooth finish;Shur-flow technology for optimal paint release and easy cleanup;High ...